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Maryland PTA Arts in Education Reflections Program

“Arts education is critical for helping students develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.” –Megan Chernin

National PTA believes that the arts, music, literature, dance, drama, and visual arts are central to learning. Infusion of the arts in elementary, secondary, and continuing education curricula is key to the development of students. Each year, the National PTA Reflections Program offers local, regional, state and national opportunities for young artists in Pre-K through Grade 12 to be recognized for their creativity. We are proud to present our nation's best Reflections in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and the visual arts.

Over the years, Maryland PTA has had National PTA Winners and we want to keep that winning streak going!! Traci Tatum is the Arts in Education Chair for Maryland PTA. She has a wealth of experience in growing your Reflections program and can guide you every step of the way. Whether you are new to the Reflections program or a seasoned volunteer, Traci will start you on your way. You can start you own Reflections Program for your PTA/PTSA or continue with your Reflections Program, either way Traci is here to lead the way. Questions - please email Traci Tatum -

To help get you started:

The Reflections Program allows our students to express themselves through their gifts & talents in the ARTS!! Each year Maryland students participate in Reflections and produce amazing entries in all six Reflections arts areas. We are so pleased you have chosen to run this program in your PTA/PTSA and wish your students the best of inspiration and dedication in producing this year’s winning entries. Any questions can be emailed to Traci Tatum, Maryland PTA Arts in Education Chair at

To begin, go to and click on the right side of the Reflections home page on “Enroll Your PTA”. After enrolling your PTA, the National PTA Local Leaders Guide becomes available to the new enrollees. This guide gives local PTAs general information about the Reflections program, but none of the information is customized for the Maryland PTA Reflections program. All information on the Maryland PTA Reflections Program is available on the links below.

The Maryland PTA 2018-2019 Reflections Handbook and appendices provide the information local leaders need to implement the Reflections program in a Maryland local. This information is your guide to running a successful Reflections Program here in Maryland. Please share this information with your local units and others interested in learning more about the Reflections Program. Please also be in touch with your Council PTA as applicable. Councils will give specific guidance on how the Reflections program is implemented in your county.


Appendix 1: 2018-2019 General Guidelines

Appendix 2: 2018-2019 Maryland Student Entry Form

Appendix 3: 2018-2019 Rules Sheets for the Six Arts Areas

Appendix 4: 2018-2019 Special Artist Division Rules

Appendix 5: Judging Information

Appendix 6: Local and Council Participation Forms

Appendix 7: Council Entrants List to Maryland PTA

Appendix 8: Theme Search Contest Information


Questions? Please email Traci Tatum -


Thank you for supporting Arts in Education!!


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