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Welcome to the 2018-2019 PTA/PTSA year.


Do you have your PTA Membership Cards? Do you need more cards? Do you know why your membership is valuable? We have the answers for you! Let me introduce the Maryland PTA Membership Chair, Sarah Mugo. Mrs. Mugo has been a longstanding member of PTA and her passion is membership. She brings a wealth of expertise in growing your membership and especially the challenges of membership. In fact, Mrs. Mugo will be kicking off the Maryland PTA Membership Mondays via e-blast!

We have additional cards for you. If you need more cards, please contact the Maryland PTA Office @ 410-760-6221. If you have any questions about membership cards please contact Sarah Mugo, or Latisha Corey,

Spanish Cards must be requested by sending an email in advance to  

If you have not already done so, please send your officer contact information via email to or fax to (410) 760-6344 as soon as possible. Local Contact Officer Form

We are looking forward to a great membership year!

Latisha Corey, Maryland PTA President -


A membership card template is not being provided.

Please print at your own discretion.

Once you receive your membership card, Log-In at and find out what is new at National PTA.


Different Ways PTA Members May Serve as Volunteers

Level 1- This member may not be able to volunteer in school but is willing to support the PTA as a member and in attending the programs that your PTA will offer this year. These members are also willing to do activities from home such as:

  • Collate materials for events
  • Assist with the newsletter or website
  • Participate in fund raisers
  • Develop flyers to send home to members about events

Level 2- These parents may be available to volunteer a few times a year in school. They will assist with at least one PTA program. They will participate in the programs and fundraising programs.

Level 3- This member is more likely to be an active volunteer in the school. They are more willing to chair a committee for the PTA and assist in developing and implementing PTA programs.

In order to grow your PTA membership, your PTA must actively reach out and include everyone in the activities of your PTA. Every member is a valued member. PTAs should be actively sharing what the benefits of PTA memberships are. Show your members and potential members what your PTA does to benefit your school community. Many locals are doing wonderful things on a consistent basis and your school community should be aware of this. Your PTA leaders should communicate on a regular basis with your PTA members about the volunteer work your PTAs are doing.

Join the Maryland PTA Membership Committee:  The Maryland PTA Membership Committee is looking for volunteers to assist Maryland PTA with developing membership strategies in conjunction with the National PTA membership plan. Maryland PTA needs committee volunteers to help develop and facilitate the statewide Maryland PTA membership campaign while supporting and assisting local PTAs and councils to recruit and retain members. Committee members would also assist with the Maryland PTA Extension Plan that helps to increase participation by creating new PTA units. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on this Maryland PTA committee, please contact the Maryland PTA office at 410.760.6221 or 800.707.7972.

Why Join the PTA: Benefits of PTA Membership 

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How Can You Honor That Special Volunteer?

Every year, PTAs around the state begin to think of ways to honor that one special volunteer. You all know the one; they give countless hours, are there when ever you need them, and look for nothing in return.  How will you say “Thank you for your outstanding service to our children”? Give the award of a lifetime. Give the Maryland PTA Lifetime Achievement Award, which supports the Maryland PTA Scholarship Fund.

The Maryland PTA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor Maryland PTA can bestow to the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. Recognize and thank that special person you know who goes above and beyond for all children and youth.

The recipient of the Maryland PTA Lifetime Achievement Award will receive a certificate of recognition and a congratulatory letter from the Maryland PTA president. The award will be sent according to the direction on the application and a sample press release will be provided for use in your local media.

The fee for presenting the Maryland PTA Lifetime Achievement Award supports the Maryland PTA Scholarship Fund. Since the early 1950’s, Maryland PTA has designated that the fees received for the Maryland PTA Lifetime Achievement Award be used to support the fund. The scholarships provide the opportunity for seniors across the state, who wish to pursue a career in education, a chance to make their dreams a reality.

If every local/council honored one member each year, Maryland PTA would have the potential of awarding over $40,000.00 in scholarship money.




To access the new bylaws template and mandatory updates to the local bylaws, please scroll down to access Members Only. Give our office a call if you need helpl with the user name and password....It is the same as last year!


Members Only


Please let us know what information you would like to see included in this area. Send an email to or fax to 410-760-6344 to the state office, attn: Webmaster

Thank you for your input to this site!

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