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Local Bylaws



Understanding Requirements for Bylaws Submission

We are living in a world where we can actually complete work from devices no larger than the palm of our hands.  In the past 10 years alone there have many advances in technology and it takes time for many of us to catch up.  Keeping this in mind, one of the goals of the Bylaws Committee is to deliver the tools to allow our membership to utilize the most current technology while maintaining the integrity of our documents.  We will research and test the tools available and hopefully find the right fit for MDPTA.  Your recommendations are encouraged and can be sent to  We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to current practices while we work to improve the bylaws process.  Below are a few important items:

  1. All PTA/PTSA units in Maryland are required to submit its bylaws on the most current template every three years with or without revisions.
  2. The general membership must vote to approve bylaws even if no revisions are made
  3. All PTAs/PTSAs must use the MD PTA local bylaws template in booklet format.  Contact MD PTA for the current booklet. 
    • A working draft may be downloaded from under the membership tab in the “members only” section at the bottom of the page
    • Final submission must be on the original booklet template, copies downloaded from the website will not be accepted.

Bylaws Committee, Maryland PTA


Is Your PTA in Compliance?


In order for Local PTAs to be eligible for awards and grants units must be in compliance with the Standard of Affiliation by December 31st.  In order to vote at the Maryland PTA Annual Convention, PTAs must be incompliance with the standards of affiliation by March 31st. If your PTA has not completed any standard listed below, please send in the required information by the deadline date. If you are unsure of your status, please contact the Maryland PTA office at or call 410-760-6221 or 1-800-707-7972.

From the bylaws:

A local PTA/PTSA in order to meet the standards of affiliation shall:

  1. adhere to the purposes and basic policies of the National and Maryland PTA;
  2. remit the national and state dues to the Maryland PTA office by dates designated;
  3. have bylaws approved every three (3) years according to the procedures of  Maryland PTA;
  4. have a minimum of twenty-five (25) members;
  5. submit the name and contact information including phone number, address and e-mail address of all elected officers to the Maryland PTA office within two (2) weeks of election;
  6. remit bonding, liability and directors and officers  insurance premiums by the date designated;
  7. have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on file with Maryland PTA;
  8. maintain its status as a corporation and have as required by MD Non-Profit law at a minimum a president, a secretary and a treasurer;
  9. file the appropriate  tax forms by the required date with the IRS and submit a copy to the Maryland PTA office within thirty (30) days of filing; and
  10. submit a copy of its annual financial review to Maryland PTA before October 31 each year; and
  11. file all appropriate state forms with the appropriate state authorities by the required date and submit a copy to the Maryland PTA office within 30 days of filing.

Maryland PTA Bylaws - Can be downloaded in the Members Only section located at the bottom of the Membership page under the membership tab.

Local Bylaws - A working draft template can be downloaded in the Members Only section at the bottom of the Membership page under the Membership tab.  Bylaws MUST be submitted in the original booklet format only, with a copy and a draft copy of the general membership meeting minutes when they were approved.