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A Word From Our President

MDPTA President Elizabeth Ysla Leight

Embracing the Future for All Children

100 Years of Advocacy for Children,

Families and Teachers

Access, Equity and Excellence

Dear Maryland PTA Leaders,

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for our great nation.

It is a national holiday for us to spend with our family and friends to give thanks for the blessings of the year.

As we reflect on what we have to be grateful for this year, I would like to thank you, our dedicated volunteers, who time and again give their time and talents to defend public education access for all children. Preserving access to education and our public education system remains one of the highest priorities of our way of life in America, and remains a shared pursuit of Maryland PTA.

Maryland PTA members make a difference in their communities every day through their devoted and enthusiastic involvement.  As representatives of our members, the Maryland PTA leadership also strives to help those who are less fortunate. This year, many of our leaders participated in worthy public service projects in support of important efforts that try to make sure everyone in this country, of such abundant wealth, has enough to eat.  We continue to partner with No Kid Hungry, a charitable organization that makes it their goal to ensure that Maryland children who are striving to learn during the day, do not go to bed hungry at night. As a new opportunity to give back, I encourage you to visit their website (Click Here).

I also encourage you to take a few moments during your holiday to think about the brave men and women serving in our country's armed forces and Coast Guard, at home and abroad. At a time when we are confronted with challenges to our freedom and way of life, please be grateful for those who have answered the call for public service to keep our country safe, and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

On behalf of your friends at Maryland PTA, I wish you all a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving.



American Education Week is celebrated each year during the last full week before Thanksgiving. This year, American Education Week is celebrated November 16-20 and was founded by the National Education Association and The American Legion in 1921, with the U.S. Department of Education joining in 1922.

American Education week was created when it was discovered that 25 percent of World War I draftees were illiterate and nine percent deemed physically unfit to serve their country.  A resolution called for “an educational week… observed in all communities annually for the purpose of informing the public of the accomplishments and needs of the public schools and to secure the cooperation and support of the public in meeting those needs.”

Today, American Education Week is observed by National PTA and Maryland PTA. The theme for this year’s celebration is Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility, makes a call to all citizens—parents, teachers, education support professionals, elected officials, community leaders, and yes, students—to make our schools great for all Americans.

 American Education Week presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education. 

While the nation and our public education system have changed a lot since 1921, one factor—family engagement—remains critical to student achievement. Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education.

Maryland PTA knows that students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills, and show improved behavior.

Becoming active in a school’s parent group, like PTA, is an important way to increase involvement. Involvement also encompasses:

  • Setting goals with children and fostering achievement of those goals;
  • Accessing and using children’s academic scores to ensure they’re on track;
  • Frequently viewing the parent portal (or whichever tool their school uses);
  • Developing a relationship with children’s teachers and keeping in touch with them often; and
  • Advocating for improvements in the school building and with local school boards and state and federal government to ensure schools have the resources they need to provide a world class education to every student.


The most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home. By monitoring, supporting and advocating, parents are learning heroes who can be engaged in ways that ensure that their children have every opportunity for success. Look to Maryland PTA’s website for information on how to Be A Learning Hero.

As the leaders of the state's largest education and child advocacy association, we have seen firsthand the positive impact of family engagement on student success and school improvement. We encourage all parents to take an active role in their children’s education on “Parents Day” and all year round. Great schools are a basic right and our shared responsibility. 

During this season of thanks, I want to say to all parents and families, “thank you” for being part of the education team. 

Soon the holidays will be upon us and as we gather together with our families to give thanks, we hope that you will take a quiet moment to reflect on thankfulness and joyful moments for celebrating the blessings we all have. Please remember the families among us who have less and children in our schools who may be facing hunger and homelessness during the season. Also remember those who serve us in the Armed forces and their families who face long periods of time waiting for their loved ones to return home.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season. 



Dear Maryland PTA members and friends,

An article regarding one of our Convention vendors was printed that does not correctly reflect what Maryland PTA does to support Healthy Lifestyles including healthy eating in fast food restaurants.  We want to bring to your attention that Maryland PTA provides advocacy efforts in support of healthy lifestyles for all families. For example, in our Legislative Agenda, Maryland PTA states:  Maryland PTA has dedicated its efforts to bolster our founding principles, family engagement in education from birth through high school graduation; education for every child regardless of socioeconomic background; worked to address childhood health; work against unfair and punitive treatment of education in the justice system and worked to help all children achieve success through quality public education. With more than 180,000 members, Maryland PTA will continue to protect the education, health, and overall well-being by advocating for educational opportunity and equity for all children.

Maryland PTA Position on Health, Wellness and Safety within Schools at: http://cqrcengage.com/npta2md/health_wellness_safety 

Maryland PTA Legislative Directives on Health and Nutrition  

Maryland PTA supports public policy initiatives, legislation and regulations which:

  • Strengthens protection of children and youth on school grounds and in communities from infectious diseases.
  • Provides for the continued immunization schedules for all children.
  • Will develop, fund and provide access to comprehensive, equitable, affordable and quality health care for all children and families.
  • Ensures quality licensed health care professionals in all school buildings
  • Will develop and make available clinical/professional mental health programs and services to meet the needs of all children and youth
  • Provides support for the education of parents/guardians about the potential dangers of diseases requiring immunizations
  • Mandates air conditioning in all Maryland public schools
  • Will address the epidemic of obesity and related chronic diseases in children and youth to include healthier food choices in school cafeterias and vending machines and ensure daily physical activity for all children.

We appreciate your continued membership and advocacy in support of our mission to make every child’s potential a reality.

Elizabeth Ysla Leight


Maryland PTA

Become A Learning Hero Programs

 Learning Heroes have great tools for parents and Maryland PTA has partnered with National PTA, Maryland State Department of  Education and Maryland State Education Association  to bring you updated information on the PARCC test.  With the soon-to-come release of student score reports,  Maryland  PTA wants to share tools that have been created specifically for create greater parent understanding.

As you are aware, this Fall, students and parents are going to receive scores showing their child’s score for math and/or English. Early indications show that children found the test challenging and may not have done well. Learning Heroes tools were created to meet the needs of parents to help their child do specific activities at home to overcome the anxiety of getting less than stellar scores.

Maryland PTAs can help parents by hosting a parent information session in your local schools. You can get information online at www.mdpta.org to distribute to parents at these events. This information was crafted by National PTA and the Maryland State Department of  Education for your use. Share these materials widely and help parents feel confident in being able to help their students.

If you want to host a Learning Hero event at your school, you can fill in the application located below and send it to Maryland PTA.  We will be selecting the first 25 schools across the state who can receive grant funds for hosting such events. Locations must hold sessions in October and November to be eligible for the grant funds.

 Is your PTA on social media? Maryland PTA has posted some information you can send to your parents on the Learning Hero training on our website.

·         By Bibb Hubbard, Founder & CEO, Learning Heroes: 
Be A Learning Hero: New Public Service Partnership for Parents to Help Kids Succeed

Be a Learning Hero

Help Parents Learn About Maryland’s Assessment Test!


Parents have questions about Maryland’s PARCC Assessment Tests and need to understand the Score Results. As a PTA leader, we know you want to help them understand what these tests mean for their children!  Join Maryland PTA’s efforts to inform parents about Maryland’s assessment tests and how they can support their children at home.


Host an event with your school personnel to provide the information to parents and families

Maryland PTA will provide all the necessary resources in an easy-to-use online toolkit: an event planning checklist, a completed presentation, a script, FAQs, parent take home materials.

In addition, a Leader’s Guide will be available to walk you through the steps to hosting an event. The toolkit combined with training and support from the Maryland PTA will help you conduct a successful event!

Click Here to download the Learning Hero Interest Form return the completed form to officeadministrator@mdpta.org

For more information, contact the Maryland PTA office at Officeadministrator@mdpta.org

Other Helpful Links

**Membership Card Update!  The membership card template has been removed since it is not compatible with all printers.   Please print at your own discretion.

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              • Membership Guidebook
              • Local Unit Bylaws Template
              • Arts in Education: Reflections Guide
              • Treasurer's Guide for money Management: Cash Encounter, Sample Reports, and Forms & Instructions




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Breaking News

Take Action: Tell Your Members of Congress Not to Delay on ESEA Reauthorization!


Congress is the closest it has been in seven years to reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind (ESEA/NCLB), and students, families and schools need your help to move the bill to the president’s desk this year.

The House and Senate both passed legislation this summer to reauthorize ESEA/NCLB. However, congressional leadership has yet to name a bipartisan group of representatives and senators to begin negotiations to resolve the differences between the two bills. Students can’t wait any longer for a revised law. Congress must act now to reauthorize ESEA this year!

Please send an email to your senators and representative to tell them to finish reauthorizing ESEA/NCLB before the end of the year and let them know that important family engagement provisions need to be preserved in the final ESEA/NCLB reauthorization bill. Your support is needed at this critical time to ensure every student receives a high quality education and for the bill to become law before the end of this year.

As an advocate for students and families in your community, your voice is extremely powerful. While a sample letter has been provided for you, we strongly urge you to personalize the letter as you see fit. Thank you for your advocacy efforts to improve public school education for all children.  TAKE ACTION


Eddie Gleason, Federal Legislative Chair



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